Russell’s Steaks, Chops and More has the ability to accommodate parties of two guests to 10 in our dining room, and up to 75 in a private banquet room. Reservations are recommended every night for the dining room and can be made quickly and easily by using the “Open Table” service below.

Reservations are always recommended, and can be done either by calling us directly at (716) 636-4900, or by using the link on this page. If by chance you can’t make the reservation on-line, please call us direct as we do receive cancellations and changes all the time.

Allow us to explain our take on reservations. We schedule table seatings on a timed basis. This amount of time should allow the guest to enjoy their meal, but also limit the next seatings wait for a table. For instance if a party of 10 books at 5:30 pm, we will not rebook that table until 8:30 pm. If, by chance, that table booked at 5:30 pm is late or happens to take up more than the time we provide, that 8:30 pm seating will be seated late. I have learned through my 60 years in the business that this can not be helped, but being punctual is respectful to not only the other diners, but also our restaurant. Also should the number of guests change before your arrival, please contact us right away, as this could possibly change your table size and location in our dining room.

Serving dinner daily starting at 5pm

Lounge opens at 4pm

Closed on Labor Day, Memorial Day. July 4th and Christmas Day

Dress Code

Business casual, please no jeans, sneakers, T-Shirts, NO caps or hats on men are permitted to be worn in the dining room or lounge.

Coat Room

I provide a coat check as both a convenience and a safety factor. No coats are permitted in the dining room, as they are a tripping hazard.